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CLIP it... or forget it!

This product is ECO friendly... click product image to find out more!

Spit Clip antifog retainer

  • This product is ECO friendly...

    spitCLIP retainer lets you hang any JAWS 1 oz. bottle from virtually anything. Just push it on, “CLIP” and go! Hang from BC “D” rings, equipment and gear bags, backpacks, boats, inflatables, kayaks and more. The large clip allows easy operation, even with gloves. spitCLIP keeps your antifog close when you need it most. Never search for your antifog again! “CLIP” it or forget it!



    • ECO friendly, reusable design
    • Fits all JAWS 1 oz. bottles
    • Just push it on, CLIP and go!
    • Large clip, easy operation
    • Corrosion resistant carabiner
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