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Don't just clean it... scrub it!

This product is ECO friendly... click product image to find out more!

Scrub Mask and Slate Cleaner

SKU: 1797-ALA
  • This product is ECO friendly...

    scrub mask & slate cleaner is an effective, mild abrasive solution that deep cleans without scratching glass or most plastic surfaces. Removes product coatings, alkali residue buildup, pencil marks & grease pencil marks. Use scrub on dive mask lenses & skirts, plastic slates & more. CAUTION: DO NOT USE ON PLASTIC LENSES. Don’t just clean it ...scrub it!



    • ECO friendly non-toxic formula
    • Just squirt, scrub & rinse
    • Scours off mask coatings
    • Cleans plastic slates
    • Natural & biodegradable
    • Alcohol & bleach free
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